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Bert Law Park

It is rare that a city offers great places to view wildlife, but Whitehorse is no ordinary city. Bert Law Park, located on a small island in the Yukon river to see plant and animal species indigenous to the area. Helpful signs will aid in the identification of different birds, plants, and berries. Thanks to the new footbridge completed in the summer of 2005, Bert Law Park is easity accessible, and is an enjoyable stop on the Millennium trail.

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The Millenium Trail

Completed in the summer of 2005, the Millenium trail offers pedestrians and cyclists a paved, easily accessible pathway that allows them to explore Whitehorses's waterfront. Whiteness salmon make there heroic voyage up the Yukon River at the Whitehorse Fish Ladder (5 minutes walk from the Robert Service Campground) or explore the regions history at the SS Klondike (a short 10 minute walk from the Robert Service Campground), both a beautiful and scenic walk along the Millenium Trail.

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Miles Canyon

The Miles Canyon

No visit to Whitehorse would be complete without a trip to scenic Miles Canyon. Named for US Army General Nelson Miles, this canyon was the spot of the famous Whitehorse Rapids, for which our City is named. The hundreds of boats and numerous lives were lost in these dangerous rapids. In 1958 the Yukon River was dammed and the rapids disappeared. Be sure to take a walk across the Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge that spans the Miles Canyon is part of the Yukon River Loop Trail and connects to the Millenium trails and also branches off to some incredible mountain biking and hiking trails.

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Mountain Biking

Whitehorse is blessed with excellent mountain biking trails located right in the City. Trailheads are located within a five-minute bike ride from the campground. Be sure to bring your camera, as the trails are quite scenic!

Mountain biking

Canoeing & Kayaking

The Robert Sevice Campground offeres direct access to the Yukon River. The while the experienced paddler might make their way all the way to historic Dawson City, the rookie paddler will find ample places along the river to brush up on their skills. Shuttle services are available from the various outfitters in town. The Robert Service Campground offers both baggage and vehicle storage at reasonable rates, for those going on their own adventure.


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The Robert Service “Living Room”

The outdoor living room is located adjacent to the office. It is a great place to shoot the breeze and plan your adventure with new friends and old friend or enjoy a book or magazine from the campgrounds book exchange. Warm up by the campfire, or on special occasions, watch a televised sporting event such as the Stanley Cup Finals.

The living room
The living room

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The "Sunday Soccer Celebration"

A Robert Service Campground tradition. Every Sunday just before 9PM the Day Use area becomes home to a friendly soccer game. This tradition began four years ago and has been kept alive by the seasonal residents of the campground. Previous soccer experience is not required or recommended. All are welcome to celebrate the glorious game of soccer with us. Travelers and locals alike are all welcome.

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